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Kingdom Support Solutions Ministries

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It is no longer an option, but a mandate! KSSM is a nonprofit organization focused on bridging the gap between broken families and the community. Development is key

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Readjusting the Narrative......

The difference is made by doing something different

To sow into advancing

the stretch of

the outreach initiative, send to CASHAPP:


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Volunteers are needed and being accepted. Apply at

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Note dates, time, and location of each food drive. Expectancy is 250 families served monthly.

Participants are served by vehicles. No WALK-UPS are acceptable.

Please have handy your state issued I.D and prepared to complete the income declaration short form that attests you operate at a low income household status.

Up to 3 families per vehicle.

Phone: 731-410-7730 for any questions

To sow into advancing

the stretch of

the outreach initiative, send to CASHAPP:


Bridging the Gap between lack and need......

From the Founder/Director to you.......

I am excited about KSSM future endeavors. It is a must

that families and communities come together to educate

our youth. They definitely are the future. We are focused on implementing growth, support and development. KSSM committed to help serve in anyway possible to uproot anything that does not promote quality of growth mentally. Let's build together and shift the narrative...... One of the primary goals is to supply a HUB that will output an afterschool Learning & Activity Center for youth. Parenting counseling is available as well for at-risk children removal or those seeking to rehabilitate for the return of their child/ren. Counseling and education is provided to ensure that every measure is obtained and beyond satisfactory. The community outreach of providing essential services and items, as available is offered as well. As the Director/Founder of KSSM Community Outreach Organization, I am proud and honored to be part of the holistic accomplishments that have been obtained.

Christina Littlejohn - Community Advisor

Founder/ Director

Christina Littlejohn

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KSSM is a nonprofit organization that is

operative in the West TN region. This organization partner

with other organizations that is laboring towards the same common

goal. That goal is to help bridge the gap between broken families,

help with the restoration and recovery of them, provide support,

administer personal development, participate in preventative planning

of children removal from their home, and supply any available resources

to disperse within the region of West TN. The focus of this organization is

to ensure that children and parents maintain a healthy balance

of communication and relationship if possible. It is also a primary

focus for mental health and stability to be the main objective.

There are various services provided with the KSSM Hub. A consultation

and evaluation will determine what those services offered will be per

family/individual/case management. KSSM is about helping families establish, build, and/or maintain strong, healthy relationships in the community. KSSM shall provide food and other services

for those in need as well.

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Preschool Daycare

Coming soon.......

Learning & Activity center

-Snack and dinner provided

-Loving and safe atmosphere

-Classroom environment

-Parent & Staff Interaction

About KSSM and what it offers......

personal development concept

Community outreach involvement

KSSM will partner with other organizations to assist the need of local and surrounding communities within the West TN region. KSSM is serving the community monthly through a Mobile Pantry Food Drive to serve up to 250 families in the community.

personal development & communication

KSSM provides developmental assistance

through Life Coach curriculums and activities. More information will be available per


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KSSM Kids Fest 2023

Thanks to the community outreach



It was an honor to serve!

Thanks to the families for


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2023 Back to School

Community Outreach

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We would like to say Thank You to every partner, volunteer, and support that cause KSSM to meet its goals, plans, and expectations of serving the community.

Building structures are important. Without team effort, it will be difficult to achieve this. Family is the blueprint to healthy communities. It begins with individuals that are ready for the challenge. Partner with KSSM for amazing differences for amazing changes.


*ORGANIZATION REFERRAL- Contact Christina Littlejohn; Executive Director - Ph. 731-410-7730

Email: kingdomssolutions@gmail.com

Please have handy any information that will be vital for the requested services and contact information of recipient

*INDIVIDUAL REFERRAL- Contact information is the same as organizational information. NOTE: INTAKE PROCESS MAY VARY BASED ON CASE MANAGEMENT NEED

KSSM looks forward to serving the community and providing for the youth! KSSM is a 501c3 organization.

Contact Information

Clicking the provided link will schedule an appointment time and date to discuss any further questions, information, or inquiries about partnering, sponsorship, and/or volunteer activites related to KSSM community building

Phone: 731-410-7730

Email: kingdomssolutions@gmail.com